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You already know that weight loss is difficult. The 160 million Americans living with obesity are a testament. You may not know, however, about every health and lifestyle factor working against you when you try to lose weight. Stress and poor nutritional density in modern food, for example, can make weight loss near impossible. To help you combat these factors, Emmanuel Quaye, MD, offers a medical weight loss program at Magnolia Health Care in Florence, South Carolina. To learn more about how Dr. Quaye can help you reach — and maintain — a healthy weight, call Magnolia Health Care or book your appointment online.

Weight Loss Q & A

Why is weight loss so difficult?

If you think that weight loss is hard because it’s a challenge to change the way you eat and get in the habit of exercising, you’re right. But those aren’t the only factors making it more difficult than ever before to maintain a healthy weight.

Your genetics and your environment play a role. What’s more, getting the food your body needs is becoming more difficult. The average American diet is high in sugar and unhealthy fat. At the same time, it’s low in key nutrients, healthy fats, fiber, and more. It takes extra work to give your body the nutrient dense food it needs to support a healthy weight.

Stress also makes weight loss even more challenging. The fast-paced demands of modern life have many of us under more and more pressure. Stress has been directly linked to weight gain, so something like learning ways to manage stress can have a dramatic impact on your weight loss success.

How can I lose weight?

Clearly, there are a number of challenges facing people who want to lose weight. Fortunately, Dr. Quaye has developed a weight loss program that addresses each of them, giving you the tools and guidance you need. What’s more, his program never includes dangerous phentermine like ADIPEX-P®. These weight loss drugs can cause lung and heart problems, high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, seizures, and more.

Instead of relying on prescriptions, Dr. Quaye works with you to manage your lifestyle. He takes a comprehensive look at what’s causing your weight gain. In addition to diet and exercise, he considers every factor that can contribute to weight gain, including your stress levels, the toxins or infections in your system, and your current medications. If you’re ready to take control of all the factors that affect your weight, contact Dr. Quaye.

What should I expect from this weight loss program?

Dr. Quaye customizes your weight loss program to you. The multi-part approach includes:

  • The Q-Diet, which is specifically designed to help your body detox
  • Supplementation
  • Exercise
  • Functional lab testing as needed to identify any physiological barriers to weight loss

If you have specific dietary needs, like if you are gluten-free or require an anti-inflammatory diet, Dr. Quaye designs a specialty Q-Diet just for you.

If you’re ready to detox your body, support your metabolism, and to reach your healthiest weight, call Magnolia Health Care or schedule your appointment online.