Emmanuel Quaye, MD

Functional Medicine located in Florence, SC

About Dr. Quaye

At Magnolia Health Care in Florence, South Carolina, Emmanuel Quaye, MD, works with his patients to give them the best, most individualized medical care. Leveraging functional medicine, he treats the root causes of health problems, rather than simply masking or managing the symptoms.

Dr. Quaye earned his MD from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. He then completed his residency at the hospitals affiliated with the Emory University Department of Medicine. After teaching as a clinical instructor and assistant professor for a number of years, he began working in a private practice setting. Then, in 2009, Dr. Quaye discovered functional medicine.

As he began learning about functional medicine, which takes a holistic approach to balance the body and help it function its best as a whole, Dr. Quaye immediately saw its promise for his patients. Today, he uses functional medicine to drive patient results he says he never could have imagined before.

Dr. Quaye is motivated by a desire to solve his patients’ problems. While much of modern medicine focuses on managing and treating symptoms, Dr. Quaye is dedicated to getting to the root of the medical issue and offering treatment there, where it’s the most effective. He blends clinical experience, scientific expertise, and the latest innovations from peer-reviewed journals to give his patients top-tier treatment.

If you’re a patient who wants to take a holistic approach to becoming your healthiest self, Dr. Quaye and his dedicated team at Magnolia Health Care are here to work with you.

Accepted Insurance

We accept most major PPO Insurance providers. Please call the office for more information.

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