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      Dear Magnolia Health Patient:

      Due to the expanding nature of the COVID pandemic, Magnolia Health Care has decided to change our practice to a largely out-of-office practice based on a telephone and telehealth practice model. This means that we will see most of our patients by phone or through the computer. We have chosen to do things this way to protect you, our patients and our staff.

      Our office will remain open, and we will continue to see patients in the office based on need, to be determined by Dr. Quaye. We realize that some patients will need to be seen in the office for various reasons, including blood draw and in-office procedures and treatments. We will see patients in the office for more serious conditions at the discretion of Dr. Quaye. We will also be open for patients who need to purchase vitamins and other products available for sale in the office.

      We realize that this change may present a problem to some patients. In such cases, we will do our best to accommodate your needs. Patients who come to the office are required to keep their mask on at all times while in the office. Please remember that if any of our staff falls ill, they will not be available to prove the service you have come to depend on. If enough of us fall ill, we will not be able to provide you and service at all. Moreover, we certainly do not want our office to become a place where patients pass on the COVID to other patients.

      In all that we do, you, our patient, are of the utmost importance to us. Not only do we want to keep you healthy, we want to keep you safe. We are doing our best not to be spreaders of the disease. We ask you to work together with us to get this pandemic behind us. We look forward to the day when we will welcome all of our wonderful patients back to the office.

      With Regards to your health,

      Emmanuel Quaye, M.D.

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