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Patient Profile – Weight Management: Mrs. C

As a young woman, Mrs. C was a beauty queen, but as with all of us, life happens. The young beauty queen got married, had children, and along the way, she gained weight. Time passed. The children grew up and left home, but the weight stayed. Over the years, she tried every weight loss program and every diet out there; she has taken every prescription and every supplement out there without any success.

Things changed when Mrs. C came to Magnolia Health Care. Her request was simple; she had tried and tried to lose weight without any success. She wanted to know how Magnolia Health could help her with our weight management program. She was willing to do what it would take to lose weight while looking healthy and beautiful.

Magnolia Health Care’s weight management program does not include any prescription weight loss drugs. Rather, we employ a holistic weight management program based on the scientific concept of autophagy (Google it). There is an optional natural appetite suppressor for people with difficulty controlling cravings. Weight loss occurs in a healthy bodily environment. Our program has an induction phase as well as a maintenance phase. It involves a natural detoxification program that cleans up the body during the induction phase. Ongoing detoxification assures a clean body as weight loss continues during the maintenance phase until the patient has achieved goal weight. The process of detoxification continues, to assure a clean body that remains healthy.

Patient Profile – Diabetes: Mrs. W

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Mrs. W has been a patient of Dr. Quaye’s for over a decade. She has been one of our most successful diabetes patients. When she came to Dr. Quaye, she had a goal to get off diabetes medications. It has been easy to work with her because she was motivated to not only get off medication, but also to reduce her risk of medical complications related to diabetes, and maintain her good health.

After successful weight loss, she was able to get off her diabetes medications. It has been several years since she stopped diabetes medications, and she has successfully maintained good control of her blood sugars with lifestyle management. Ms. W has been the primary driver for her own health outcomes, and Magnolia Health Care has been a facilitator.

Mrs. W’s A1c is in the “normal” range (less than 6), but we encourage her to remain vigilant, and continue to regularly monitor her blood sugars. As a diabetic patient who has been able to achieve good control, Mrs. W is representative of many patients in our practice who have been able to bring their A1c down to a level below 6, while reducing the number of prescriptions they take for diabetes.

"When I was first diagnosed as a Type 2 diabetic, I was overweight due to unhealthy eating habits, inconsistent exercise habits, and poor sleep and stress management habits. But I was thankful that Dr. Quaye decided to work with me. So, I began to go to some of the “Food as Medicine” Workshops.

As a result, I learned a lot about health, nutrition, and disease management and how it was all connected and I was once again motivated to try to get back on track. I found that making simple changes like modifying what I ate, becoming more active, and getting my proper rest, while keeping    my stress levels at bay, made a big difference. Overtime, my sugar levels dropped, my energy increased, and I felt more  healthy in general.

However, what was most exciting during this journey was that I learned to use the “Food as Medicine” concepts in such a way that assisted in the improvement of my diabetes, that I no longer needed to use the “diabetes medicine” to help control it.

Overall, keeping my blood sugar levels in range, still requires much daily work. In addition to trying to be intentional about what foods to eat, what times to eat, and balancing nutritional goals with calories, I have to really work on being committed to keeping a food diary, checking blood sugar levels, weight levels, and trying to keep active and manage stress levels. Sometimes, I have good days and sometimes I struggle trying to get it all in and trying to keep things balanced. But overall, coming from a family with a history of diabetes and seeing the real life complications such as blindness, amputations, heart disease and stroke, and such that can come with  long-term uncontrolled blood sugar levels, I’ve decided to keep working at it to try to avoid some of these consequences."

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