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Is functional medicine good for me? This is a good question that many visitors to this site will find worthwhile to consider. Many a chronic medical condition can be managed applying the principles of functional medicine. For most people, what they get from their conventional practice doctors and other providers will suffice. For people with chronic medical problems, from which they can get no relief, especially patients who have seen many specialists, functional medicine will be a worthwhile consideration.

Who needs functional medicine? Broadly speaking, any person with a chronic medical condition. For people who are healthy, functional medicine is good for maintenance of healthy aging, and organ reserve. Because many chronic diseases develop over long periods of time, and because many chronic diseases (such as cancer and diabetes) remain hidden (subclinical) for long periods of time before diagnosis, functional medicine evaluation, including functional lab testing is useful for determining certain chemical imbalances that may occur that lead to future disease.

Certain medical conditions present with symptoms (headache, musculoskeletal pain, irritable bowel) for which the underlying cause is difficult to determine. For such conditions, functional medicine is well suited to help identify underlying causes and help restore patients to a healthy balance. If you are wondering whether functional medicine will be good for you, please consider the questions below.

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