Our Location

      619 S. Dargan Street,

      Florence, SC 29506

      About Us

      Vision Statement:

      To create a haven for health and healing; a refuge from chronic disease, and to promote healthy aging.

      Mission statement:

      To achieve health and healing through lifestyle and nutrition; client education; the use of best scientific knowledge, by well trained staff and personnel.


      Meet the Practitioner

      Emmanuel Quaye, MD

      I was introduced to functional medicine in 2009, quite by accident. However, that “accident” was a logical destination in my search for fulfillment as a doctor. I moved to Hartsville in 2002. In order to justify to myself a move from my “dream job” in Atlanta to a small town, I thought I would do something that impacted the lives and health of my patients. I decided that a weight loss program might be the most effective way to impact the health problems facing my patients.

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